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    We use wordpress for our intranet site at my company, and Subscribe2 to ensure all staff are notified of new posts. This site is hosted internally on our own LAMP server, so I can analyse the mail logs myself.

    Each staff member is registered with the site, and automatically added to Subscribe2.

    Typically our posts are set to autopublish at 6am the following morning.

    Recently some staff have noticed that they are not receiving these emails. Looking in the mail logs, I can confirm that only about 400 emails were actually sent (2 of which bounced). The missing subscribers are not being blocked, they just don’t appear in the mail log to begin with.

    I have checked and confirmed that the users being missed are subscribed correctly, and that their email addresses are correct.

    It appears that the subscribers that are being missed are those most recently added to the site.

    I have tried sending emails in batches of 50, 1, and 0 (altogether). I recently upgraded the SubscribeTo plugin from version 7.1 to 8.8.

    I also (just) installed the “email log” plugin to see if that gives me any additional info.

    Just wondering if there is some better way of debugging this problem?

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  • @brentnesbitt,

    You are looking at all the right things, maybe have a look at the configuration on the LAMP server, look at script execution time, allowed RAM resources and the sendmail settings in the php.ini file.

    I installed the wp-mail-log plugin (the email log plugin I installed earlier was next to useless), which gives tremendous detail about what was intended to be sent (before it gets to postfix itself), including a huge array with all of the registered subscribers, among which I would expect to find the address of a certain registered user, and it is not there.
    As a workaround I have put that user’s email address in the “Public Subscribers” section, where there is 1 other user also listed. These emails send and are logged correctly.


    Okay, so how many users are actually not being sent emails with this additional checking in place?

    For that one user, have you checked their settings to make sure they are subscribed (Find them in the Registered User tab at Subscribe2->Subscribers and click the word ‘edit’ below their email address).

    Well, we have 552 registered users, all of which are auto-subscribed when they first sign up. There is a possibility that some could have unsubscribed, but it is coporate policy that they are signed up for some of these, so the number would be few. (and in fact, subscribe2 lists all 552 being signed up for the “All Staff” category.

    This morning, an “All Staff” post was sent to 475 people (2 of those being public subscribers, so that leaves 71 who should have been sent this email that weren’t. (possibly slightly more, as I think an admin email is sent for every 50 users – so they would be being counted multiple times)

    The one user I am specifically looking for has both a registered subscriber account, and a public subscriber account at the moment. Each email address is distinct by its capitalization, and hence I am able to distinguish them in the log. I am only seeing the public subscriber version in the log. (the log logs calls to wp_mail, and phpmailer_init)

    And yes, I have confirmed that she is subscribed properly to all of the categories under the registered users tab, and none of the “do not send posts by these authors” is checked.

    Oh, one more thing, the array of addresses in the log file has 409 names.


    In the Subscribe2->Settings page, change the number of recipients per email to 1 and individual emails are sent to each subscriber, that should make viewing the sent to list easier and remove admin address duplication.

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