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    Prior to downloading an Event Manager update everything was working fine. Now when people try to register for my events they do not receive an email confirmation. Their booking is successful but no email confirmation is sent.
    They receive this message on the booking screen:
    Booking successful. However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and/or the event contact person. You may want to contact them directly and letting them know of this error.’
    Please advise as soon as possible

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  • hi,

    have you tried changing mail sending method at Events > Settings > Emails > Email Settings > Mail sending method or try Test Email Settings

    e.g. try SMTP then used gmail

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    we haven’t changed the code related to emails for quite a while, so I’m guessing it may be a mail server issue on your end, try angelonwl’s suggestion

    I’m seeing same problem after upgrade from a version that was half a year or so old. Tried different methods, nothing helps. Interestingly the confirmation email that administrator gets has bad values for user data i.e. no name, phone number etc. However system has proper data recorded.

    After event is approved, email is sent to the user properly, but during registration user gets no email at all.

    hi @aurimas_m,

    have you tried my suggestion above? e.g. using smtp then used gmail account

    I did, however as the server does not support smtp+ssl, that didn’t work at all. I however tried all of the other methods to send mail and in all cases the end result was the same – email to administrator went through with default values and the user didn’t get the notification at all.

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    what about other WP emails, do people get that e.g. when registering outside of EM?

    If not, it could be that your mail setup is causing mails to go into spam or get refused.

    Marcus, –

    thanks for your response. Let me explain from the beginning. It’s not that emails are not working at all, but let me explain point by point what happens:

    1. User submits a registration form – form is submitted successfully, but the following error (rather warning) is shown: Booking successful. However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and/or the event contact person. You may want to contact them directly and letting them know of this error.

    – Nevertheless, user data is entered into events manager (so from admin panel you can see proper user data).
    – User __does not__ get an email
    – Administrator gets __email__ notification, but it does not contain user data. Here’s how the email looks:

    =================== cut here =================
    Name: Guest User
    E-mail: n/a
    Phone #: Not Supplied

    Other information:
    Number of seats: 2
    Price of one seat: $50
    Comment: test
    =================== cut here =================

    So you can see that some information is available, BUT (and most importantly), the script at this point does not identify user email correnctly – note that it is n/a. So it’s good enough reason not to send a user notification, because the script at this point does not know where to send it. I guess variables get mixed up or something.

    2. When administrator approves the attendee, attendee receives a proper email. Nothing is changed between steps 1 and 2.

    So to me it’s pretty clear that the problem is in the script and not in the email method, because emails do work, but not when the recipient address is “n/a”.

    We are having the same problem. They get the scary error message when they register and do not get a confirmation email. Our hosting company has looked at it and assures us the email is set up and working correctly. The plugin seems to be malfunctioning.


    I tried this one and seems to be working fine? how about temporarily disabling other plugin or reverting back to twenty twelve theme? am going to test this again.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    I’m stumped, since this works perfectly fine in my test sites.

    There is a user in the pro forums that is having similar issues to this, and I’ll be going into their site later today to test and debug, hopefully it’ll be the same problem as you and there’ll be a fix out for it soon.

    One thing… are either/both of you using normal registration mode or no-user booking mode?

    Also, any caching plugins?

    I’m also assuming you’re on the latest updates here, if not then update, you could also try the dev versions (Events > Settings > Admin Tools > Check Dev-Versions)


    How is this problem resolved? I still have this problem. I’m using the no-user mode, and after upgrading, the confirmation mails are not being send. Also tried to assign to dummy-user. But then the reservation fails completely. No error-message, just a blank red textbox.
    I’m not using caching plugins and the events manager version is

    Just installed Event Manager on a Multi Site WP. Having this same issues as everyone above. I tried in both normal and no-user booking mode (I would prefer no-user mode for my application).

    As for Emlie’s red box and reservation failing completely, I got that during some of my tests as well, but it was the no-booking “assign bookings to” user I created was deleted (I was trying a test).

    More info: my apache2 logs are showing a “sendmail: 555 5.5.2 Syntax error – (what I think is a file name) – gsmtp”

    Hope this helps in the debugging.

    Found my mistake. I only activated EM in one site and NOT in network admin (as I said I am using Multi Site WP). When I activated it in network admin, I then could get to the mail setting page (see )

    I’m experiencing this same issue (just now & as well as after having upgraded to the 5.3.9 version). Sending our test email works, no problem, and people are recieving the confirmation emails… the problem appears to be the appearance of the error message itself!

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