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  • sterumbelow


    Richard, I’ve sent you an email to the specified address.

    I’m pretty sure that nobody received the new post email – and I know for certain two addresses didn’t (both in the email I sent over).

    As for the extract stuff, is support for this coming without the need for using the “read more” tag?

    It seems like it should be a pretty easy thing to implement, considering how complex Jetpack itself is!



    Richard – email sent.




    Sorry for the additional message – I’ve just tried out the more tag as you suggested, Richard.

    Thankfully, my theme seems to support this well. The more tag doesn’t show inside the post but it does limit the extract on the homepage and presumably will in an email too – hopefully.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Hi Sterumbelow and cyphog,

    I will try to get to your emails today, thanks!

    Sterumbelow, regarding using the excerpt or notin the emails, we try to keep things as simple as possible and for the widest use possible without adding too many options. Have a look at this earlier thread for a similar discussion:

    However, if you feel strongly about it, I encourage you to file a Trac ticket here:

    And we’ll take another look at it. Thanks!


    Having issue with the subscribe to comments emails as well. We have received reports from people signing up to follow comments on a post, but they are not receiving the notification emails when a new comment is added.

    Here is the site

    Functionality currently deactivated to reduce frustration, but I can turn it back on if you feel you have a fix in place.

    jetpack version 2.2.1 and wordpress version 3.5.1


    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    @russell As Richard mentioned above, could you send us a few examples of the email addresses that didn’t receive any notification of new comments on one of your posts?

    Thank you.

    Barbara Joy


    I am having the same issue. Randomly of course….Some posts get an email notification and some don’t. I have also heard from some subscribers who haven’t been getting them, but others have. I’m at a loss….suggestions anyone? site name: thanks all!

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Hi! You mentioned on Facebook that you use Jetpack, yet that site does not seem to be connected to properly. Can you do the following, please:

    1) turn off WP Super Cache
    2) Disconnect Jetpack from in your dashboard
    3) reconnect Jetpack to
    4) let me know when you’ve done that so I can verify the connection. 🙂
    Same issue: some posts leave, some don’t.
    Before May 19, no problem then on May 19 a post does not leave.

    Tonight (May 23) a “test” went out as an e-mail, but later one real post (twice) did not make it – after re-drafting & re-posting.

    Erratic & undependable behavior…
    I can post the header of the successful mail tonight if that would be helpful.
    Thank you!

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Hi PierM,

    Could you post your site URL here, so I can have a look?

    If you want it to remain private, you can also contact us via this contact form:
    I had posted it above, but I can also, if that would be helpful post the header of a successful e-mail onto that support page onto that contact form you gave me.
    Thank you Richard.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault



    I’m sorry I didn’t notice your URL above!

    I looked at your site’s connection, and everything looks normal. Yes, the headers could definitely be useful, please go ahead and send those in, along with links to the successful and unsuccessful posts. Thanks!

    Thank you, Richard. I sent the header and the links that never generated e-mails to your contact page:
    Thank you.

    Same issue — email did not send to any subscribers until I saved it as a Draft and re-published. I had the post sitting for two days before I published it. As I said in an earlier comment, the emails only seem to not go when I publish posts I have saved for a day or two before publishing. Posts that I publish more-or-less immediately seem to send to subscribers.

    I will email an address to you that did not receive the post (my own).

    It is getting a little tedious…

    You know, louiseallen I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! I thought it was an just a random intermittent problem, but saving the post over and over for a couple of days seems to be when it does happens…and sadly those are the posts I’ve worked longer and harder on….

    Anyone know of another plugin possibly?

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