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    Current 4.4.7 version, WP latest, PHP 5.3.7. With the “Easy WP SMTP” plugin activated. Mailer on Email Settings screen set to WP Mail.

    Sending test message via the Email Setting screen. Message sent, not recieved. Debug log shows mail sent. Easy WP SMTP debug log shows proper operation of mail server.

    Disabling Easy WP SMTP plugin, sending test message via Email Settings screen, not received.

    Campaigns sent to test group (audience there is subscribed) show as sent in reports, but never recieved.

    Next steps?

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    We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with email sending on the new version. Could you share a screenshot of Email Sending settings (entire screen) so that we can better understand the issue?

    I’m having the same problem. What’s more, though I published my post at around 4 pm, the report showed that the emails “sent” at 6:50 pm (even before this time had actually been reached).

    My Email Sending settings:

    Cron URL is in tact
    Disable WordPress Cron: Not Selected
    Send Emails at Most Every: 15 Minutes
    Maximum Emails to Send in an Hour: 300
    Maximum Emails to Send at Once: 30
    Select a sender to Send Mail: WP Mail

    The email was only supposed to be sent out to 27 recipients. I’m not sure what the problem might be.

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    Hello @tdennis15 ,

    Could you report the problem here? We will look into the issue directly and do the needful.

    @rhellewellgmailcom We’re wondering if you have had a chance to review our last message? Please report the issue using the contact form linked above and mention the link to this conversation.

    hi, we have also the same prb, it says that was sent but nothing came to subriber(s)!

    Can you pls check and send solution ASP.

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    The plugin was not the cause of the issue. The hosting site was blocking outgoing mail due to getting spam reports.

    The test is to go into the email client of the sending email account, and try sending out an email to another external account.

    In my case, the hosting anti-spam controls were blocking the outgoing mail. From the hosting support:

    Unfortunately, it appears that the email that you are sending with is getting stopped by our outbound spam filter. Our outbound spam filter is a tool that we use which relies on reports from other email service providers. The reports we receive are generated by those who receive the emails and are marking them as spam or junk. Once we receive a report from a provider stating that an email is sending their user’s spam, it gets flagged in our filter and emails get blocked.

    So, proper metering of outgoing mail to prevent large amounts at any one time are probably a good idea. You should check to see if your hosting provider has blocked your outgoing mail due to high outgoing volumes.

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