• The certificate link is not being sent to the user. Tried multiple “from” emails, none works.

    Emails being sent to admin work fine.

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  • Hey @marcelovita

    Thank you for using QSM! If you remove the certificates, do the emails to the user get sent and received correctly?

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    It doesn’t. Another interesting thing: we do get the admin email, but not from the email we input. It comes from one of the site admins.


    Hey @marcelovita

    Do you use any email service/SMTP such as SendGrid or SES? Do you have any other plugins on the site? If so, would you be able to perform a plugin conflict check?

    This process will check to see if there is a plugin that you have installed that may not be compatible with the plugin that you are trying to use. To do this, first, de-activate all other plugins besides Quiz And Survey Master. Now, check to see if it is working correctly.

    If this fixed the problem, this suggests that it is a plugin conflict issue. To discover which plugin may contain the conflict, activate one plugin and then check if the plugin you are setting up still works. If it no longer works again, the plugin you just re-activate is the plugin conflict. If not, continue to activate the plugins one by one and check to see if the problem arises again.

    If you do find a plugin conflict, please let me know which plugin and which version of the plugin that you are using.

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    Hi there, thanks for the note. I believe the conflict is with this plugin:

    WP Mail SMTP
    v. 1.3.3

    Having said that, with all the plugins deactivated, we still didn’t receive an email with the certificate attached. But we did receive the notification that the test was completed.


    I’m also using WP Mail SMTP, formerly on 1.2.4, now on 1.3.3. We are not receiving either the admin or the user email, even though testing the WP Mail SMTP plugin does deliver a message successfully. The quiz does say it was successful, and the results are stored in the database, but no emails are being sent from this plugin. Another plugin, Contact Forms 7, is able to send emails.

    I seem to have found a workaround, or perhaps the issue, with our installation. The Email address used on the Emails tab under “What is the From Email address for the email sent to users and admin?” must match the email address used in the WP Mail SMTP plugin for the “From Email”.
    When those match, I receive all the emails I should. When they differ, I don’t receive any emails.
    Hopefully that’s the issue you were having, @marcelovita!
    EDIT: I should mention that now all 3 email addresses match, 2 in WP Mail SMTP (From Email and SMTP Username) and the one in QSM.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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