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    I just followed up on a previous thread I had started, about removing the gray follow box from the bottom right-hand corner, and mentioned this issue ( – but as I’m not sure if the two are related, I wanted to start a new thread, so it might be easier for others with the same problem to find.

    In the past, Jetpack subscriptions has worked fine for me, but now new users who enter their email see a notice that a confirmation email has been sent – but then the confirmation email is never actually sent (I’ve tested it on five different accounts).

    I’ve recently changed my theme, so I’m not sure if that could have anything to do with it? I’ve also deleted the “Follow Button for Jetpack” folder (through FTP) in an effort to get rid of the gray follow button – I’m not sure if that’s related?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (And apologies for the double-post, I just wasn’t sure if they were two completely unrelated issues.)

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  • Did this start after you deleted part of JetPack’s files?

    I can’t figure that out for sure – I know that I sent a test email to myself on Monday (before deleting that part) and it worked fine, and now it’s not. However, another user told me that they entered their email last week (before the part of the file was deleted) and they never received a confirmation email. So I’m not sure if this is something that is now happening sporadically for some reason, or if it’s directly linked to the file deletion?

    In any case, I’d stick with one thread – you won’t get answered any faster starting a new one, and they should be aware of the whole picture of what’s going on.

    If you deleted part of JetPack, I’d reinstall the whole thing.

    Ok sorry, good point. I re-uploaded the “follow-button-for-jetpack” folder via FTP into my plugins folder but it’s still not working. I just deleted the “Jetpack for WordPress” plugin and then reinstalled it, but that didn’t work either.

    Did you delete the entire JetPack folder using FTP? And then reinstall it via the Dashboard? Then you need to reconnect it.

    If you don’t want that follow button, don’t install that plugin.

    I deleted and reinstalled via the dashboard and reconnected it to – still not working.

    I don’t know if this is important, but it recognizes if an email is already subscribed. For instance, if I enter a non-subscriber’s email, a message pops up saying a confirmation email is sent, but if I enter an email that I know is already subscribed, a message pops up saying that the account is already subscribed and to check your inbox.

    Well, I’m sure one of the JetPack team can help you get this sorted out :). Unfortunately, I don’t know other things to try, sorry.

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    As @wpyogi, let’s keep the discussion in one thread: I replied to your questions here:

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