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  • From last few days we are not being able to send emails to our customers.
    Except for the order completed emails all the other emails (order processing emails, Followup emails) are not being delivered to the customer.
    Order completed emails and Order processing emails are both sent from same email address. But customers are receiving the order completed email but not order processing one.
    I checked all the email settings in woocommerce, and i am 100% confident about woocommerce email seeting.

    Is there anyone facing the same issue?
    Any advice or suggestions will be much appreciated and welcomed.

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  • I had a similar problem with WC 3.1.2. No emails were being sent to admin or customers at all. At the request of WC support, I installed WP Mail Log and confirmed no emails were being sent. Worse, the checkout page was not redirecting customers to the thank you page on completion of a successful order – causing many customers to hit the submit button multiple times and requiring me to delete duplicate orders. To test the problem the customers were having, I tried to put Simplify Commerce in sandbox mode but it would not save. WC support said my theme was causing a conflict, so I reverted back to WC 3.1.0 and everything is working fine – emails being sent, no hangups on the order page, and I can put the Simplify Commerce plugin in sandbox mode.

    @captaincrank Thank you for your reply. As you suggested, i reverted back to WC 3.1.0 but the problem still remain the same.
    I installed WP Mail Logging plugin to check the errors. It’s displaying error “could not instantiate mail function”.

    I have had this issue a few times over the last year or so, most recently with WC 3.3.1.

    Happens with both and PayPal Express gateways.

    So far the only commonality I’ve found with both orders, is that they were both placed with an iPhone.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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