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    Basically, I have about 65 subscribers, when the emails get to where they begin with an S, the emails stop being sent and I what happens on WordPress is I get this weird message saying u oh we can’t find the page you are looking for. The email log shows that the first 40 or so emails are being sent. Any ideas why it would stop and not finish sending the post to all my subcribers?

    The site is

    You’ve helped me get past some issues, before. Thank you

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  • @tjkpturner,

    The most likely explanation is that you are reaching a server imposed limit either on execution time or emails sent.

    Ask your hosting provider what limitations they impose on email sending and PHP execution time and we can then see if we can work inside those limits.

    Thank you, I sent dreamhost the questions, I’ll respond as soon as I hear back with what they say on this.


    The other thing to check is that the 65 subscribers are all active. If they are Public Subscriber they should be confirmed and if Registered look at the number registered in each category.

    My numbers were actually off. I have 48 subscribers, they all appear active and say confirmed. They have all received emails from my last posts a few weeks ago. The last 10 or so just stopped receiving the emails with my post last and I sent a test email to my subscribers and got the same thing, the last 10 or so did not get sent an email. I sent Dreamhost a question, but this isn’t a lot of emails and I’ve sent them before, I’m not not sure they would have changed anything. Any other ideas of what could have changed or how to diagnose?


    Hosting companies frequently make changes on the server without telling the users anything – it’s part of their continued effort to make the servers as efficient as possible but occasionally this has unintended consequences.

    You could check that the number of recipients per email is set to one in he Subscribe2 settings, other than that, if you haven’t added any new plugins or changed theme then I’m at a loss and would suspect a server side issue.


    i am able to send mail by send mail function bt when i publish sum post then mails are not send to other users.
    it also tell me to add page wht it means.
    pls help me.


    You really should open your own ticket on this and provide more details about what you have already tried. Some version numbers for WordPress and Subscribe2 would be useful too.

    Your next step however is to read the following article and try the many tips contained within it:
    Troubleshooting emails in Subscribe2

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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