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    I need to email all website users when a new event in an event category is submitted. How hard would it be to modify this plugin to allow a choice of event category and then when a new event is submitted send an broadcast email to the website users like this.

    From: Admin

    Event Owner FNAME LNAME has an EventCategory on EventDate


    If interested, submit EventBooking by BookingCloseDate

    (I know my example placeholders are not the event ones, these are there for illustration of this request)

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  • Plugin Author Patrick


    That is not an “easy adjustment”.
    The complete basis of selecting the recipients will be completely different, as it is now based on Booking Status. With a new event no users are linked in EM, of course.

    You could better find one of the many “New Post Email” plugins that support custom post types. But keep in mind that those plugins will not be able to process EM Placeholders. This might be a good place to start:

    They will also most likely not be able to fetch the EM Event Categories as they are custom taxonomies and tend to work a bit differently.

    You could use this snippet to use WP categories with EM. I am using it myself to be able to filter much easier in the Events Post List.

    function stonehenge_use_blog_categories() {
    	$supported_array = (EM_MS_GLOBAL && !is_main_site()) ? array() : array(EM_POST_TYPE_EVENT,'event-recurring');
    	// Uncomment next line to also use for EM Locations.
    add_action('init', 'stonehenge_use_blog_categories', 100);


    The users are submitting on the event_form so the event categories are there.

    From the html of the form.

    If (event_categories category=”26″) == true

    then send form output to email address that will send to all site users.

    Probably an onsubmit event would the time to check the category option.

    I know this is not all the right syntax but W3C schools will have the right syntax to use.

    I could use the mailchimp for wp and setup an api key with a transfer to mailchimp to mail but would rather do it on the site if I can find a plugin that will allow the setup I need.

    I have looked at the notify users before but will look again.

    Since I am using elementor the submit form is wrapped in elementor and javascript can be used in the elementor widgets. Right now I am having to review my html, css and js. Have not used any of that for 12 years. But it seems possible to me to use an html or JS function to do the selecting and transfer to the mailer.

    Plugin Author Patrick


    Again, not with the way this plugin is currently configured.
    It does not matter if the event category is set. If a plugin is not programmed to read custom taxonomies, they will not be processed.

    Not going to use the plugin. I am suggesting reading the html of the submit event form and using an Onsubmit event function to select my parameters which are sent to the email program. I will see if this or similar can be done with the notifications plugin thru the plugin.

    will let you know how it goes with the onsubmit event function in JS from the front end using the html elementor widget to code and fire the event.

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