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  • Hi there,

    Is there a way to email comments to your wordpress after receiving notification of them.

    This will be ultimately helpful as I’m working in the back of beyond of China and can’t just log in to my wordpress account over Satellite phone.

    I’m using postie to email blog entries in, but with comments I’d also like to respond to visitors also.

    Is that possible or not?

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  • This plugin looks promising:

    Comment Email Responder

    Thanks for suggesting my plugin.

    The plugin is designed to send an email to the commentor when a WordPress administrator responds to their comment on the blog.

    Unfortunately, RF seems to be looking for something different, namely, responding to comments via email.



    Owen, I did come across your plugin while I was hunting around some time ago, but in all truth your seems to be at least closest to the truth.

    Would there by any way of developing this function into it? Perhaps I could put up a little cash? But in all realism, is it possible theoretically?


    Hmm .. I have an exam coming up in a couple of weeks (Strategic Planning) .. so I prefer not taking up the challenge just yet.

    I’ll have a look at WordPress’s Blog by email functionality ( and see if I can hook something into there. Don’t know anyone else using it though, so you’ll have to be my guinea pig !

    Sure no problem, will be glad to work it out. If it isn’t realistically feasible then I’ll figure something else out. Let me know on the cost if you decide to take it on!

    Livejournal has a feature where you get replies to comments you post emailed to you. Then, you can actually reply back in your email, without ever revisiting the blog. This crontributes to some pretty intensive dialogues on there (because all their emails get posted), and I think makes the comments much more robust. It would be cool if WP could do the same.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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