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  • I used to think I was kind off computer literate, but setting up email ot blog is crushing my spirit. Help! The codex is sooo messy on this one.


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  • Danny,

    I think you want to try and post via email? If that’s the case, then check out this article in the codex, It looked pretty easy to follow to me.

    If that’s not what you meant, then I have no idea what you were asking… could you maybe clarify?

    I have a queston in this regard. Should I use the string it gives me for the email account user name, or should I use the admin name? It seems to say both.

    I made up my own account name with my webserver and all worked well (an easy to remember name followed by a random string of numbers I’ve committed to memory).

    The problem for me is that if I e-mail FROM a account, it posts. Otherwise, it won’t post. It’ll say it posted and I can see the post in the listings to manage (to view or delete), but it won’t actually POST them. Any ideas?

    I am having a problem with my posting… What happened to the above link (


    Hi Sam
    I thought that I had the same problem as you re. the wiki, but, if you look closely, the full stop at the end of the URL has got added to the link. If you use then it works.

    Just working through it now! I thought that I had aproblem, but I’d not read that post, so I’d not realised that you have to set up the cron job etc.

    I might be back though if I get confused!

    I’ve just gone through the process and it seemed straight forward to me.

    At what point are people experiencing issues?


    Everything was very easy to configure. Blog by Email is working fine minus one “BIG” problem.

    No text displays in the post message. The Subject/Title works great… but nothing in the post actually publishes?

    Can someone provide me with a little assstance?

    Best Regards,
    Garry Conn


    Did anyone respond to you regarding text in the post body as opposed to only in the Subject/Title line? I, too, am having this issue…


    I’m having the same problem here. I only get the subject posted in the Tittle.
    Any ideas?


    I started a thread that doesn’t seem to be getting much attention regarding this same issue. I didn’t post here because the original post was made 9+ months ago. My problem seems to be directly related to version 2.2. I have just started 4 blogs, I installed 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I just happened to notice that the Fantastico installation was upgraded overnight on Saturday into Sunday.

    I tried and tried to get the post by e-mail to work on 2.2, but then remembered that the blogs I had installed on Saturday were 2.1.3. I tried getting post by email to work on 2.1.3 and it worked on my first try. Thinking it was just a coincidence, I tried the other install of 2.1.3 and it worked too. I went back and tried the other 2.2 and it didn’t work.

    Seems awfully strange that the problem I’m experiencing appears to be in 2.2 only. Of course, YMMV, but it seems like a pattern to me.

    I’m using version 2.1.2

    I’ve also the problem with the empty body in case of posting via email.

    I guess the problem is that there is a new version of the pop3-class. The function pop3->get ignores empty lines. If you comment lines 370-373 in wp-includes/class-pop3.php it will work, but I don’t know any sideaffects!

    Maybe someone can check if this lines are different in older versions.

    I’m still testing the email-feature now …

    Yeah, I’ve come up with this problem in v2.2 as well, no text appears in the body of the message, but title gets through fine.

    I’ve just tried uploading the previous version of the file wp-includes/class-pop3.php and things work fine.

    I too have the same problem,, but did what frankieTNG said and now it works! Thanks frankieTNG

    My line 370-373 is:

    function get ($msgNum) {
    // Retrieve the specified msg number. Returns an array
    // where each line of the msg is an array element.

    This doesn’t seem right

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