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  • dylan


    Gawker blogs have em, even blogger blog have got them. Can I have ’em too? I’m talking about those “email this post” buttons. Is there a plugin or a hack?

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  • A search would have saved you some time 🙂

    File|Send Link
    File|Send|Link by E-mail

    This is an awesome addition, but i get the following error:
    Language string failed to load: recipients_failedaddress@server.com
    no matter who i try to send one to.
    looks like my mail server needs to be authenticated with a check of the mail before it will work.
    is there any way around that?

    problem solved:
    when adding smtp information using “localhost” will null the need to use a login and pass. thus, it becomes insecure, but a workaround for my needs. no more auth required prior to sending mail.



    Wish there would just be a plugin that you could add like this

    <?php add_email_link(); ?> and it would open up in a nice little popup. Anyone feel called at? 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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