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  • I sent an email question 2 weeks ago, but never got a response…

    It seems that many of your template tags for emails do not work properly or are not documented properly. There are default tags in email templates that have no documentation on the website and some on the website that do not seems to do what they say they actually do.

    Can you please list all the available email template tags and what they actually do?

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  • Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff



    does this work for you?

    Ha! I am so used to going to a software’s website to look for documentation, I never even look in the “Help” tab.

    That being said, the documentation on your website is incorrect.

    May I add a few suggested tags? There are no tags for “Events”

    When I enter a payment for a client’s invoice, I would like to be able to send them a receipt that gives the details of their payment. The following template tags would be great:

    • %event_type% is replaced by the Event Type selected in the “Invoice Status and History” panel
    • %event_amount% is replaced by the Event Amount entered in the “Invoice Status and History” panel
    • %event_date% is replaced by the Event Date & Time entered in the “Invoice Status and History” panel
    • %event_note% is replaced by the Event Note selected in the “Invoice Status and History” panel

    Maybe these tags are already built-in (it would make sense that tags would be created for all fields). If the template tags already exist, there is no documentation.


    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    Do you understand that there are multiple “Events” in invoices? What should be shown instead of %event_type% in this case?


    I’m not really sure what you mean.

    When viewing an open invoice and you click “Enter Payment,” the first selector in “Invoice Status and History” is a drop-down called “Event Type.”

    I don’t have a preference what each tag is called, simply, I believe there should be a template tag for each field for the invoice and invoice payment.

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    Well, imaging situation when you need to pay $90 lets say.

    But you do it in 2 steps – first you pay $50 using “Enter Payment” button (this will add Event) and second you pay $40 using “Enter Payment” (this also will create new Event). So that way there will be two payments related Events (not counting Events about creating/updating/viewing invoices).

    Then you use lets say %event_type% tag in notification template, and here I’m confused. There are 2+ Events in invoice. What to show instead of %event_type%?

    I see now what you’re saying.

    Maybe, %most_recent_event_type% ?

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    That will not be a good practice. The only option we can think of is to create some tag that will be replaced with the table of all events. So you would be able to see whole invoice activity.

    Why is that not a good practice?

    It seems to me that any system that accepts payments should have the ability to send a receipt that actually contains the details of the payment received. As of now, WP-Invoice does not, without manually entering the info into each individual receipt.

    Listing all events would be an improvement over the current, however.

    Thanks again for the reply.

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    Because I think that %most_recent_event_type% will not fit your needs since it will obviously show something like ‘Updated’ or ‘Viewed’ but not ‘Paid’.

    Actually, WP-Invoice has options related to notifications.
    You can also use WP-CRM plugin to manage notifications.


    I just discovered the disconnect in our conversation.

    The majority of my clients pay their invoice via check, which I go in and manually enter the payment.

    In this case, a receipt is not automatically sent to the user, therefore I need to send them a receipt.

    I think the last post may have answered my question – When I enter a manual payment (i.e. received a check) is it possible to trigger a notification to be sent? In this case, I want one sent to an email address in our company, not to the customer.

    I will create a separate topic for this as well, but was wondering if Travis may have found a solution to this already.


    No. I just do it manually. WP-Invoice never followed up with me.

    They tend to go through phases where they reply to questions in public forums (even their own) and when they do not… This is one reason I have never purchased their “premium support.”

    If they don’t address legitimate bugs brought to attention by users of their free version, how much better can their paid support really be?

    Alright, thank you for the response Travis.

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