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    For quite some time now I see in WooCommerce Status report that some email templates in use are outdated. It lists the current version of the template files in use and also lists WooCommerce’s latest template version. Obviously the new template files contain changes.

    Here is a list of email template files which WooCommerce lists as outdated:


    Is this something that will be taken care of with a coming update of your plugin or should we go through the files one by one and make the changes ourselves? I ask this to avoid having to do things twice. A future update of your plugin might change things again.

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  • hannah


    Thanks for reaching out! I’ll pass this along to the developer. You shouldn’t experience any issues continuing as is, though I will check that an update gets pushed out so this message will not show.


    It’s odd that you are seeing a notice about this because of how the files are overridden you shouldn’t see the plugin files in your status report. You are then copying the plugin files into a child theme?

    Regarding the changes, they were not relevant because of how this plugin changes the emails (providing an editor for the text).

    If you are experiencing an issue please let us know.

    Thread Starter Gevorg


    Yes, I have copied the plugin template files into the child theme folder.

    I have not received any complains from the shop manager about errors in the emails, but I have noticed changes in the new email template files. I thought it might be better to apply the new changes.

    For example:

    The file admin-cancelled-order.php has an extra line in the new 4.1.0 version of WooCommerce:

    <p><?php printf( esc_html__( 'Notification to let you know &mdash; order #%1$s belonging to %2$s has been cancelled:', 'woocommerce' ), esc_html( $order->get_order_number() ), esc_html( $order->get_formatted_billing_full_name() ) ); ?></p>

    Likewise, the file customer-completed-order.php has an extra line in the new 3.7.0 version of WooCommerce:

    <p><?php printf( esc_html__( 'Hi %s,', 'woocommerce' ), esc_html( $order->get_billing_first_name() ) ); ?></p>
    <p><?php esc_html_e( 'We have finished processing your order.', 'woocommerce' ); ?></p>

    In file customer-completed-order.php the changes are greater between the current version 3.7.0 and the new WooCommerce version 6.0.0.

    and so on…

    So I wondered whether to apply these changes manually or whether you might release an update for your plugin that takes care of these things.

    If you say the changes are not relevant then I’ll leave it at that, currently there are no noticeable problems.

    Maybe in the future you’ll find the time to synchronize the template files of your plugin with those from WooCommerce.

    Thank you for your effort.

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    Hi, I have the same request, please update the email templates.

    WordPress: 5.9.3
    WooCommerce: 6.5.1

    My custom emails:
    mytheme/emails/customer-new-account.php version 3.7.0 outdated. New WooCommerce version 6.0.0,
    mytheme/emails/customer-processing-order.php version 3.5.0 outdated. New WooCommerce version 3.7.0

    Plugin Author Ben Ritner – Kadence WP


    Hi @karesz and @gev0rg
    All the changes in those emails have to do with body text changes. One of the key parts of our plugin is that overrides all the body text and allows you to set custom text, the main thing our plugin does is remove all instances of static printed text in email templates and instead returns the text that you set in the customizer.

    I hope that clarifies.


    Thread Starter Gevorg


    It’s up to you to to decide what you want to do with your template files.

    But if those changes are related to PHP syntax, then your template files might break at some point when a system administrator decides to upgrade the PHP version on his system to the latest version. If it is related to PHP syntax you may want to test if your template files would have an issue with that.


    Hey @gev0rg,
    Those changes are not related to any PHP syntax. Just to prevent any confusion going forward the latest version of the plugin changes the template versions so that no one thinks they are out of date.


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