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  • Ahh the joys of the dreaded email support…
    It’s not a selling point for me anymore.
    1) Usually takes a long time before I get a response and by the time I do I am usually out in the field away from the computer doing what I normally do.
    2) 9 times out of 10 I usually have to redundantly repeat myself no matter how elementary I explain the issue in terms I know best.
    3) The other kicker is most ’email support’ uses a third party service that harbors spammers and are therefore blocked/auto rejected on my email server. Such as the case with Elementor. Which 3rd party service? I don’t know because I have an extensive list and I am not about to waste my precious time finding out or disable my server filters. The third party service Elementor chooses to use has violated my zero tolerance spam policy. Not saying Elementor themselves. I have no problem with Elementor free or Pro version itself just the ‘support’ concept at this moment. My ‘support’ question was in reference to the contact form portion in which some contact form use the comment blacklist from the discussion settings. I also made reference to their FAQ being inadequate about it (perhaps it doesn’t hence no mention). Also made reference to no built in anti spam measures, no honeypot and relying on the dreaded Google Recaptcha (More bloat and spyware – IMHO)

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  • Is there a question here that we can help with?

    Looks mostly like he’s using this forum as a means to vent knowing at least it will be seen publicly and maybe spark a response to the support issues he has brought up. None of what he brought up is new.

    They are IMO valid points as I’ve experienced these pains too and they are a growing a firm that needs critical feedback to keep the community happy.

    That said, I do believe they have a genuine desire to improve their email support and while using this platform to vent might be an effective way to get that attention, venting about poor experiences is typically frowned upon here unless you do it in a very non-confrontational and constructive way.

    The other frowned upon thing here is any talk of Pro or Pro features. I’ve even had my own support threads shut down just mentioning that Pro is also installed, even when the issue reported had nothing to do with Pro. As soon as a mod finds out you have Pro they usually close it down and tell you to use email support.

    So this one will be ironically funny if they do that here to this thread.

    All that said, maybe try posting your vents, concerns and recommendations on the official Elementor Community Fecebook group page.

    Pro users have to use Pro support by’s rules. They won’t let support issues for Pro users happen here, so Elementor has no choice in that.

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    @pingram3541 I did try the FB group before coming here. Apparently some FB glitch was not allowing the ‘Join group’ to take. Was able to complete it this morning though. Pretty much spot on with your assessment.

    @cavalierlife Merely making a statement

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