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  • Hello!

    I’m working on my second WordPress page. (Can’t believe how much I’m learning!) That page is associated with another site that has a daily reading. I’m tryiong to pull that daily reading into my site’s content somehow, and was wondering if anyone could help.

    There’s two ways I’ve been looking into this: email to RSS and iframe. One because the page in question reloads with that day’s reading. Two because there is a subscription service via email that allows you to get the reading in your inbox. Unfortunately they don’t have an RSS feed, as that would solve the problem right there.

    So I’ve created a dummy gmail account to get the subscription. Searching through the web I found services, most of which now are not active, that will allow you to turn an email subscription into a RSS feed. I can’t find one that works or still offers this service. Does anyone know of any?

    Two I’ve tried to use codes that will pull the gmail inbox through the gmail atom feed. This just gives me errors and also won’t work.

    Three I’ve tried to use RSS creation websites for the page itself. Because it doesn’t update stories, and just the page itself on a daily basis, this also won’t work.

    I also can’t get iframe to insert the site.

    Has anyone experienced this before who could help? This is the site: that I’m trying to pull. I really appreciate the help.


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    I’ve been using RSS to email, which is a totally separate product:

    Do you have to use RSS, though? There are other email plugins like Subscribe2, or Jetpack.

    No I am not trying to enable users to subscribe to an email list. I am trying to turn a personal email subscription into an RSS feed so I can display it as a widget it on my page. If you look at the page in question you will know what I’m talking about.

    I’ve really been struggling with iFrame but I may try again tomorrow.

    Another thing I may try to work with is that the external site actually is a database that holds each days message. The index page above pulls the day when the day changes from the database and displays it on the index.

    So thank you for your quick reply. Have any ideas about what I’ve described? Personal email subscription to RSS for widget, iFrame, or pulling information from the external site’s database? Much appreciated.

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