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  • Hello, I’m probably about a week out from launching my new blog. I’m currently set up with FeedBurner to handle the RSS/Atom Feed, and I had also signed up for FeedBurner to handle email subscriptions, as well. But unless I’ve overlooked it, it appears that I would not know the email address for any who sign up using FeedBurner’s email subscription service.

    If it’s true that I would not have access to my email subscribers’ addresses, I was hoping to get some feedback from others here about whether I should even worry about that. While I won’t be producing email newsletters anytime soon, I’m wondering if I should make the effort to have more control of my email subscribers from the outset. Or is that something that’s not necessarily important at the start?

    Is there a WordPress plugin that will automatically notify email subscribers of updated posts? Or would I need to use an outside source for that — and if so, what would you recommend? If I should go with an outside source, my hope is that setting up the service wouldn’t deplete my already-taxed brain cells!!

    That’s it! Thank you for *any* feedback/direction you can give on this.

    Deb Phillips

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  • From the FeedBurner Email Overview and FAQ:

    Publishers have access to the email addresses that subscribe to their feed, and they can export these addresses and move from FeedBurner to another service at any time.

    Thanks for responding, pezuyedi. I did finally stumble upon the section in my FeedBurner account that shows the subscribers’ email address. Initially, when I was the only subscriber, it showed my email address. However, now there’s some kind of bug with FeedBurner that shows zero subscribers for some folks, of which I am one. It’s been that way for several weeks now. The subscription service itself is working — it just doesn’t show the number of subscribers as anything but zero. The FeedBurner folks are aware of it. I’m anxious for it to get fixed.

    I did wonder, however, if running the @feed plugin could possibly conflict with the FeedBurner subscription. Just a wild thought.

    Is anyone else having the “0 Subscribers” issue with FeedBurner?

    Hi there, subdcribe 2 will placea subscription link on your blog and also send out a weekly digest.
    hope it helps.

    Hi, Mike — Does Subscribe 2 offer subscriber count info? Thanks…..Deb

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