• While troubleshooting a notifications issue, I noticed that all my customizations for my emails were reset back to default. The logo, the colors/html, wording, etc. I’m assuming this happened during a plugin update, but it really sucks.

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  • Hi @mywebmaestro,

    I am sorry for your reset issue. Which troubleshooting steps did you do? What is your notifications issue? Also, the general troubleshooting steps we generally recommend are the following:

    – Backup your system (or do this process on a duplicate of your site)
    – Disable all other plugins other than Awesome Support
    – Switch the theme to a basic WP 2015/16/17 theme
    – Turn on the plugins one by one, checking to see if the issue shows up every time you turn on a new one


    That troubleshooting would work if it were an error I was seeing, but the issue was that the modifications I made to the templates in the settings got overwritten. (For the emails that are sent upon ticket creation, response, etc.) I went through and recreated them again, this time keeping a copy of the code elsewhere, but I only found out about the problem the first time when I found a ticket that I didn’t get a notification for, and then went looking through the settings.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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