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  • Contact Form 7 version 4.6.1
    Send PDF for Contact Form 7 version 0.5.6

    Hi! This is similar to another topic I saw in the forum, but not exactly the same so I’ve started a new topic. My apologies if that’s bad form.

    Recently, my CF7 forms have stopped giving a success message to the user, and the spinning arrows spin indefinitely. The form sends the email fine, but the user has no idea that it’s sent. I found that if I disable Send PDF for Contact Form 7, the success message appears again.

    I don’t see any error messages in the Chrome DevTools console, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Since this was all working fine a few months back, I’m guessing a recent update might have triggered it.

    Let me know if I can provide any more information. Thanks!

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    UPDATE: I rolled back to v0.5.5 and the issue stopped.


    I Hope This Help. Try to Troubleshoot your Page. I think there is conflict between Send PDF for Contact Form 7 version 0.5.6 to your other plugin. Try to Deactivate some of your plugins(one by one till you find the Plugin that has a conflict with v0.5.6) and try sending it again. That’s what I did to Fix the Problem. Mine is the Postman Smtp is the Problem. Hope it helps.


    Having same problem with ever-spinning arrow. Have updated to version 0.5.7. I have very few other plug-ins so low chance of any conflict. How can I overcome this? Are there alternative plug-ins that do the same thing i.e. allow the user to download a PDF (a booking form), fill in and send filled PDF form to a specified e-mail address? I am a relative beginner so please don’t get too clever for me.


    @ali282 : Question, Dou you already successfully send a Sample Email of your form without pdf?


    I had the same issue.
    To resolve it I just updated the PHP version from 5.5 to 7.0

    I’m having this same issue (i.e. the endlessly spining circular icon next to the “Submit Form” button). The form submission works, the PDF is properly generated and sent, but the spinning icon always spins and thus never displays Contact Form 7’s “successfully submitted” notification.

    If I disable the “Send PDF to Contact Form 7” plugin, then I no longer have the endlessly spinning icon problem.

    I am already running PHP 7.1.4, and the spinning icon still occurs (per suggestions above).

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    It’s possible that this “endlessly spinning” issue is related to another issue. If interested, please see the other issue here:

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