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    I have been using Subscribe2 for about 9 months and until recently, it has worked perfectly. Any time there was a new post, the email announcement would go out immediately. About a month ago, I noticed that the notifications stopped going out.

    The WordPress email system seems to be working as I sent a manual email from Subscribe2 and it was delivered but the automatic email to announce a new post does not go out.

    I have checked all the settings and everything appears to be correct and have not changed since before this issue started. I believe this started before I upgraded to WordPress 5.6 so I don’t think that upgrade caused the problem.

    Any ideas why the emails no longer get sent out and how I can correct this?

    Thank you.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • ashiquzzaman


    Hi @davidschwartzer ,

    Please do the following –
    1. Deactivate all your plugins except subscribe2 then perform the same tasks see if it solves the issue
    2. Deactivate and then reactivate Subscribe2 plugin.
    3. Change your theme to a WordPress default theme like – 2020 and then reactivate your current theme.

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    Thank you for your prompt response.

    I have tried the three suggestions you provided and it has not fixed the issue. After making a new post, the emails still did not go out. In fact, now, I cannot even get a manual email to be delivered, even though the plug-in says the message was sent.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you.



    Hi @davidschwartzer,

    Check with your hosting server, if they have an error log, it will give more explanation of why it’s not working.

    Check this with your hosting provider, they have access to your server logs and will be able to tell you where and why emails are being blocked.

    Without fail it is always down to a server-side limitation or restriction.
    These restrictions broadly fall into one of three areas. These are the sender details, the header details, and restrictions on the number of messages sent.
    Sender Details. You may need to ensure that the email notification is being sent from an email address on the same domain as your blog. So, if your blog is the email should be something like To do this go to Subscribe2->Settings and carefully select from the dropdown list where it says “Send Email From”. Here you will see “Post Author”, then the name of your blog, and then the names of your administrator-level users. It may be wise to set up a dummy user account specifically to send the emails from and make sure you give that account an on-domain email address.

    Header Details. Some hosting providers place a restriction on the maximum number of recipients in any one email message. Some hosts simply block all emails on certain low-cost hosting plans.

    Reminder: Because Subscribe2 places all recipients in BCC fields, and places the blog admin in the TO field, the blog admin will receive one email per batched delivery. So if you have 90 subscribers, the blog admin should receive three post notification emails, one for each set of 30 BCC recipients.
    Batches will occur for each group of messages as described above. A site like this with many public and registered subscribers could conceivably generate a lot of email for your own inbox.
    Restrictions on the number of messages sent. In order to combat spam, many hosts are now implementing time-based limitations. This means you are only allowed to send a certain number of messages per unit time, 500 per hour for example. Subscribe2 does not have a workaround for this inbuilt but see the next question.


    Thread Starter davidschwartzer


    After further research and testing I determined that in fact, the plug-in is sending the emails and working as intended. The problem appears to be how Google interprets the message and is sending them all to the Junk folder. This is a new behavior as the messages used to come through. If you have any ideas on how to correct this I would appreciate your thoughts. In an case, I will mark this issue as rersolved since the plug-in is working correctly.

    Thanks for the great support.

    The plugin actually needs updating – that might sort out this problem….

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