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  • Hi,

    This is perhaps both a wordpress and a cPanel problem, however I’m really hoping someone else has run into this in the past and can help out as I’m not having much success with tech support.

    I’m having two problems and I’m not sure if the cause is related or not.

    Problem 1:
    Our client has owned their domain for a long time and administers their own DNS. They use their own email exchange as well as a few other things and therefore needed to stay with their DNS. We are now hosting their web page as an ‘addon’ domain on our shared hosting account (running cPanel).
    As soon as we added their account to our hosting, we have been unable to receive emails from them. They get a message stating “The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to” and “550-Verification failed”.

    Problem 2:
    We have the “Contact Form 7” plugin running on the clients site. It’s setup to send contact emails to one of their email addresses (same domain as the web page) and these are failing with the same error as above. It appears the server is looking for that email address on the local server as opposed to trying to send remotely and accessing their DNS / MX records.
    Is there a way to force our server to lookup the MX record for the emails it’s sending instead of just trying to find the account locally?
    * If i create an email address on our server ending in their domain name, the contact form successfully sends to that email.

    It seems that our shared server is trying to handle eMails for our client in a few different ways, where as what I want it to do is just host the web page and leave their emails external for both sending and receiving. Can this be done?


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  • Not a WP issue, but with your MX records on your cPanel.

    Delete the existing MX record for that domain in your cPanel MX records, then add 2 new ones: the zero and the 10 and get the values for each from your client. Once those are saved, ensure that the account then shows “Remote”.



    I know this thread is slightly old now but I am desperately struggling with the same issue. My host is Crazy Domains who provide no access to the MX Records.

    When you say, “delete the existing MX Record for the domain and then add 2 new ones; the zero and the 10 and get the values for each from your client”, do I get these values from the people who are hosting the emails? And what should they look like? An IP address or like a nameserver?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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