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  • Firstly, for some reason, I do not have a tag in the bar at the top, for my favourites. Can anyone tell my why this might be? Turbo and logout are there, but no favourites.

    Secondly, for some reason I am not receiving email when i register on various sites. In particular, I have not received the confirmation email from wordpress, so my email address is not confirmed. I have spoken to my isp and there is no problem there. I do in fact have sites of my own (not blogs) on two different servers, with my own domains. I am having this problem with these confirmation emails for both domains.

    Maybe, one gets an email when a topic on here gets a reply? I do not, and have to bookmark my topics with google.

    I have checked my junk mail etc.

    Can anyone PLEASE help.

    Many thanks


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  • I wish I could figure out exactly what you mean?

    I’ve never heard of a favourite tag at the top. I don’t have one

    what emails are you talking about? from where? From WP installs that you have?

    When you say ‘here’ do you mean on some website you have? Or here on the WP help forums?

    I am sorry, but I am dyslexic and sometimes I do not make myself very clear.

    I think I am in a muddle as I have several accounts.

    I have a self hosted wordpress site at I set this up a few days ago. I was looking at my settings, and it appears that when you et up a new account, you are meant to get a confirmation email. I did not get one, and asked for it to be resent, and it still did not arrive. It appears to be getting blocked along the way.
    I have spoken to my domain hosts and they cannot see what the problem might be.

    Today, I installed a plugin, for Kaltura video and received a registration email from them. However, I tried to join their forum, and the passwords they were emailing me were not arriving.

    With regard to the favourites, I read something in the codes about it. I will look for it again, and see if I can find the info. then I will post on here again.

    Thanks for your patience.


    OK, I am following you now….

    So you aren’t getting your emails….you’ve verified it’s correct in your admin settings I presume? A while back I had problems with emails, so I set up a dummy account on my WP install and registered it to a gmail account I set up to test things. You can try that to see if all emails are getting blocked/not sent, or if it’s just that one account.

    If you are also not getting emails from that other forum, it may be some kind of problem with your email provider.

    The favourites thing….yeah, I would need to see what you are referring to….as I don’t have anything to do with favourites on my blog anywhere…front end or admin


    Yes, I have checked my address, and it is fine.
    I might have a go at setting up a dummy account at my google mail address, that is a good idea.

    Now, I cant even find the page, where it said that my email address was not verified!

    well…if you are the admin, I don’t think you ever had to be verified. At least I didn’t….. there was no verification process or anything

    OK thanks. I have been jumping around so many accounts, it was probably another wordpress site.
    I have now set up a google account, and am still having the same problem from the plugin Kaltura site. Their verification email is not arriving. I have now set up two accounts with them, one with my primary email address, and one with the google mail one, and no joy.
    For now, I guess I will have to work around it, and just email them directly.
    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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