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  • I was finally able to get email posting working with the latest version of WP using the official patch at
    after a great deal of frustration but I ran into an odd WP behaviour along the way.

    Although I was able to post from my desktop using Thunderbird, any attempt to post through my Nokia 9500 mobile phone using the built in pop3 client, or using my Psion Netbook’s email client resulted in a very strange situation.

    The posts would go through the wp-mail.php process without error but they would never appear on my blog page.

    I could, however, see them using Manage in the WP control panel, yet they would not show up under either the Post or Page tabs.

    I could view them from the Manage function but they seemed to exist in complete isolation from everything else in the blog. Even the automated Sitemap plugin wasn’t seeing them.

    Sending as Plain Text had no effect.

    I also discovered, please correct me if I am wrong, that there is no way to change a Page to a Post or any of these orphaned items into posts. I could have lived with an added conversion step but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

    The workaround was easy and perhaps may help others. My hosting provider has a webmail page and although it is clumsy to access from a handheld device, anything sent through that shows up correctly as a Post on the main page.

    This only worked on the default web browser built into the Nokia 9500 communicator, not with Opera Mini. The standard, and ancient, web browser in the Psion Netbook worked fine.

    Rick Grant

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