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  • Blogger now has a new feature where you can email a post to someone.
    The process is you basically enter: your name, your email, your friends email, and a message to go along with it.
    This would help get news around to more people.

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  • Would you mail it as you post it, or is it an options after the entry is posted?
    Either way though, this would be a fairly easy plug-in to write.

    Or just use this [.zip]. Always check the wiki!

    Thanks and sorry Mike, I forgot.

    hey! I’ve been using this for a while now, to great effect, but have major issues with the 1.5 beta (just upgraded), always getting a “no posts match that criteria” error message. Any ideas out there?

    I’m actually holding off upgrading one of my blogs to 1.5 because the people who use it need the e-mail post plugin. Is anyone converting this plugin for 1.5? Thanks for your help.

    You looking for a “Click this to send a link to a friend” button, or the “email notifier” thing?


    I’m looking for the “click this to send a link to a friend” button. I have the plugin mentioned above installed on a WordPress 1.2 blog and it works fine, but I keep seeing references to the plugin not working in 1.5, so that is holding up my upgrade.

    Yeah I’m looking for this too. Any suggestions?

    Subject: email this post

    Have done a number of searches and only found the plugin below
    wp Email.php (download) (demo)
    Enable you to send your webblog entry to a friend.

    Are there any others out there (i.e., better presentation)?
    I like the ’email this post’ pluggin used by blogger much better.

    email this post… are there any others out there?

    wow… I can’t believe that WordPress doesn’t have this functionality already built in … and this one seems pretty crappy… I don’t like how it requires the smtp… I can’t even get it to work either 🙁

    I should just friggin write a decent one.

    SMTP does *not* seem to be required for wp-email.php to work! I just discovered this. I commented out the smtp lines (63-66 in wp-email.php) and it worked. The php-mailer class is designed to work with php’s mail functions (by default), sendmail or smtp, so I think smtp is really an option. There may be other issues, but there doesn’t seem to be anything tricky involved in Lester’s code, so I think PHP’s mail() functions are probably sufficient.

    I think he’s changed his code since you did that because lines 62-66 don’t look like they’ve anything to do with smtp working or not working. I’m no master at PHP, but can’t PHP do email natively? Why use PHP to send an email with SMTP? Anyway, I’ve tried for a while to get Lester’s script to work and have had no luck and he’s kind of slow to post help in his forum. I’m not blaming him, we all have lives away from our web work. 🙂

    Hi all,

    I see this post died end of 2005. I uploaded Lester’s WP-Email plugin today and the thing’s making me mental. Can anyone recommend another plugin? Again, it’s been awhile since this post so maybe there’s something new out there?




    Im looking for this too.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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