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  • Hello,

    I am experimenting with the “post by email” feature of wp.
    I did everything like it has been told in the wiki-how-to.
    Before installing the cron job I was about to ensure that everything
    works fine and tried a simple “GET” on the wp-email.php script.
    I ran an, told me that one message has been deleted and showed
    the base64 code of the email attachement (actually a 75kb large jpg). After that I pointed to the worpress url and there was no post.
    When I look at my posts in the admin interface of wp the email post is shown as “published”. Even in the w_posts table in mysql
    everything seems to be right. I tried it with text/plain emails first
    and then, after poking into wp-mail.php an realizing it tries to strip
    html tags I sent html email. The end of the story: Nothing changed. The posts are there but wp does not show them. Is there anyone with similiar problems out there? I tried normal, web based posting. This works fine. Does anyone have a solution?

    thanks, Sven alias wunderkind2k1

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  • Did you change any part of the WP code? And could you give us your URL please.

    this is the url:
    as I realized just a few moments ago the posts are online now! I posted them yesterday. While I was trying to solve the problem I guess 20 to 40 minutes elapsed. After that period the posts couldn’t be seen on the blog. Is there a sort of “time-until-publishing” flag that might be set?

    An other problem is that the attachements are listed in base64 I guess this is because they where send inline – isn’t it?

    Sven, alias wunderkind2k1

    Addtion: I didn’t change any code. Just web based configuration details

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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