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  • Hi! Please, check your browser settings for this option. Certain browsers allow you to select whether you would like new windows to open as a window or a new tab (while others have adopted the tab-system automatically). I’m using the latest Chrome in Windows 8 and the Email This button opens a new window on my machine. So, give your browser options panel a look 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for the tip, C Reign! 🙂

    however, I’m using the same browser and in one instance it’s opening as a popup (as in the example url: whilst on my website it’s opening as a new tab…

    I’m know there is a way of doing this with javascript, just not sure where to look for it…

    Could you direct me to a page on your site where I can test and investigate further? Thanks!

    My site is not currently live, so cannot give you a link, however, it’s set up exactly the same as on this page:

    I’ve noticed that even the icons are different as in the example I’m trying to achieve (with popup):
    you can see the example at the end of the page.

    would appreciate any help! thanks! 🙂

    Hi Elektra3,

    I apologize for the delay–I only just saw your response. Please, update to our latest release here: (This is our completely new, totally updated design, which is in active development–we will soon be retiring v6.)

    The new plugin uses a JavaScript action to pass data and redirect the user when the function is called so that the plugin behavior is streamlined within a browser, but it’s still up to the browser in how to handle the target=”_blank” attribute.

    When I interact with our share buttons in Chrome, a new window opens in a new tab. When I perform the same actions in IE, a new window (pop-up) is triggered. It comes down to system settings. Your readers will have different experiences depending on their viewing environment.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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