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    My hosting service (NameCheap) is complaining that Subscribe2 is creating too much volume of email and is resulting in my site as getting classified as an “Email Abuser”. I’ve been using the Subscribe2 for years without this being an issue so it seems like NameCheap is getting more picky.

    BUT, that issue aside, how can I get Subscribe2 to slow down the rate at which it send emails? Is there a setting? I can’t seem to find one? Could that please be added if it doesn’t exist already?

    I did look through old support tickets here in the Subscribe2 WordPress support forum and found:

    “there are limits on the sending volume for emails. Subscribe2 sends all of the emails at the same time so that’s why your emails don’t arrive – they are discarded on the server.”

    This seems quite relevant. But there was no solution given.


    in Vermont

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    I lost about 30% of my subscribers with Yahoo AOL Verizon email addresses for the same reason. I bent over backwards to comply with all of their stipulations, appealed and they still said they couldn’t guarantee my mails would be delivered. Every posting I got rejection messages from every address. I had to unsubscribe them all.
    I suppose it is something with the plug-in.

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    Ick. That hurts, Ellie. I just got a message from my ISP a few minutes ago that they’ve decided the problem is with the receiving servers but they suggest that the plugin should send mail singly and spread out over time. I would like to suggest this to the plugin programmer but I don’t seem to be getting any response from them.

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