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  • @bolplus,

    Subscribe2 is not coded to send emails for updates made to posts or pages.

    If you have enabled sending for pages in the Settings page the code should send to Public as well as Registered Subscribers. Please can you confirm some steps to re-create your issue.


    Yes I have enabled sending for pages in the Settings page and whenever I publish a page, a mail is being sent to the Public Subscribers, but not to the Registered ones.
    Also no mails are sent when I click send email preview in the S2 settings. At same time when I use the option send email, mails are being sent to registered subcribers.
    Have installed email log, but also here it only shows mails are being sent to public subscribers.

    Is there any option I have overlooked?


    Okay there are two unrelated things going on here – at least from the perspective of the Subscribe2 code.

    1/ Emails on Publishing a page – you’ll have to leave this with me so I can test myself and see if I can reproduce your issue.

    2/ Emails not sending when you send email previews. Okay, do you get an error message at all? The preview emails should send to the address of the currently logged in user (as specified in Users -> Your Profile). Are you checking at this email address?

    Even though the 2 should be unrelated this does point at an overall mailing issue on the server somewhere but let’s do some more investigating.

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    1/ noted and will wait

    2/ I do not get an error at all, and the plugin mentions the email is being sent. The email address is being checked constantly.

    Do you need anything else from me for the moment, to investigate?


    Okay, in respect of 2:

    Do these emails show in the log?
    Have you checked the spam filters?
    Can you try a different email address?


    – no these mail do not show in the log
    – nothing in the spamfilter either
    – have tried log in as a different user (with different address, both in and out my domain) as well as have I changed the from email address in the standard settings of WP.


    This is very strange. If the test emails are not showing in the log (I’m presuming this is a WordPress plugin) then it’s not trying to send even though it’s reporting success.

    Can you re-install Subscribe2 using FTP software (DO NOT uninstall it using WordPress or you will lose all of your Subscribe2 data) and use te development version from here:

    Also, who is your hosting provider?

    mattyrob, did re-install the plugin and notyiced the new layout, which looks absolute great!
    Nevertheless tests email are still not being send and also not mentioned in the email log.

    My hosting providers is

    mattyrob, just one small update: after reinstalling the plugin, when publishing a new page, an email is sent to all users, so both registered and public. With other words this part is resolved now.

    only leaves us with the sent email preview, which is not working.


    I think there is something weird going on in your install, at least it’s now working for you end users though. I have not been able to reproduce your issue here on my testing install so I’m a bit stuck for what to suggest next.

    you are right, the basics and most important part of the plugin is working.
    I will keep on trying, searching and might even consider to do a clean install once.
    Thanks for your help and you can mark this topic as resolved.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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