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  • Hi. I use the “subscribe2” widget, and the settings are set to notify all my subscribers every time I publish a new post. This usually works fine, though the notifications don’t always go out at the time I schedule them for. But yesterday, no notifications went out. I re-published the posts (I post two different categories at the same time), and a couple of hours later, I got notified of the publication of one of the posts (not both), but no one else got any notifications. As far as I know, nothing has been changed on the settings. My blog is http://www.magicandthemuse, and my name is Annie Crawford.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  • The delay in emails going out could be because your mailbox, on your server, is not activated.

    1. To activate your mailbox you need to create an email address on your server. Once you activate your mailbox it may take a few hours or more for the dns to propagate so you may want to wait until the next day to do any testing. Some host will block emails from going out if you do not have your mailbox activated.

    2. Also do install an SMTP plugin – I do not know if “subscribe2” has SMTP features in the set up. This is because some email address can only receive email if there is an SMTP plugin installed. This is true for Google Apps hosted email addresses.

    3. Do check with your host tech support that out going email is not blocked by the host firewall. If so, then ask them to disable the block if not your emails from forms will not go out.

    4. All fileds in the email have to filled up eg, “from”, “reply to”, … if not some host will block the emails form going out. Also if your domain name is eg and you “from” filed is set to eg ie the email address domain name is not your site domain name the host will block the email from going out.

    I hope this helps.

    I just switched to from and I published my first post this morning since the switch. None of my subscribers were notified via email about the new post! I received a notification but no one else did. I republished it and still no one was notified. I do have an email address activated with my server (BlueHost). My blog is Please help me, this is very important to me. Diane Rivers

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