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  • I have set four admin users on my blog. However, only the main “Admin” account receives notifications of new user registrations and posts/comments held in moderation. (As I understand it, author users receive comment notifications for their own articles. This is fine but it doesn’t resolve my issue.)

    Is there any way to send all admins email notifications of new users and/or posts/comments held in moderation? I want to share the admin responsibilities so that one person isn’t doing all the work.

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  • Just a note, I figured this out, but it’s not light hacking, and only for comments as it pertained to my site (other admin notifications are in the same file, though, and are available in that file). This is not a dynamic method of allowing multiple authors to receive through the admin, it requires editing the file (an alternative to this would be to add an email forwarder as the receiving address, and control that to splinter to multiple, but that’s digression).


    line 399 is the culprit, specifically the first value, change it for multiple to something like follows

    @wp_mail(",,", $subject, $notify_message, $message_headers);

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