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  • Email notifications are not being sent off my wordpress site, either through my jetpack contact form or my gravity contact form.

    GoDaddy has said that all my nameservers have been named correctly and my MX records are up to date.

    They are confused as to why this a happening and so am I.

    Is anybody else having this sort of problem, or is it only me?

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  • You might have more luck if you try using an SMTP plug-in to take over the sending of emails rather than the WordPress built-in approach.

    We often use WP-SMTP but there are other options available in the plug-in repository.

    These problems happen especially if you’re using Google Apps for Business or Office 365 for your email but it can happen with other types of email accounts as well.

    what do you think might be wrong with my current SMTP setup? i can send emails to my email accounts perfectly fine if i do it directly. the problem is getting these email notifications sent out through my WordPress site.

    There probably isn’t wrong with your current SMTP setup. WordPress uses a particular method of sending out emails and this may be falling foul of the authentication and security settings that your mail server uses. This happens a lot with Google Apps and Office 365 as I mentioned, but quite often you’ll find that emails that WordPress sends out end up as junk or not delivered at all because they don’t appear to have come from an authorised source.

    Plug-ins like WP-SMTP stop WordPress from using its usual method of sending email and starts using SMTP to send emails just like your own normal email programs do. You tell it the correct mail servers, user names and passwords and it acts like any other email client from then on. If you’re using Google Apps you might get an alert about it the first time asking you to confirm that it’s ok for your website to send emails in this way but after that it’s plain sailing.

    what WP SMTP plugin should i use? what has worked for you?

    We have used often WP-SMTP successfully in the past.

    I installed WP-SMTP but now am hung up on configuring the settings. I keep getting the message “an error has occurred” when I test, but no info is shown on what the error is. I can’t figure out whether I am using the proper settings, and the reference screen shot doesn’t provide enough info for me to figure out. I’ve referred to the developer’s page for additional info, but the info there is the same as on the plugin site.

    Any suggestions for how to set up the settings properly for Microsoft Office 365/Outlook?

    Thank you very much!

    @mrsgoodytoyou – please start your own thread on the plugin’s forum here:

    Thanks, will do.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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