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  • I am having issues with the email notifications on my website ( Everything was working fine until about last week when the email notifications just stopped working. Both the administrator and the user are not receiving email notifications after submitting a form/entry.

    I have contacted my web hosting company and everything is working fine on their end. I have also made sure that all of my plugins are updated. I have also tried installing the mail smtp plugin but that still has not seemed to help. I am not sure what to do at this point, my client is getting pretty frustrated, as am I.

    Any help or suggestions with this would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • If this was my problem, the first thing I would be doing is getting my hands on the Mail Logs. Your web hosting company should either tell you where to look, if you have access yourself, or give them to you, if they don’t provide you self-serve access to mail logs.

    Since the latter (host only has access) is most likely the case, you are probably best advised to do something that should send you an e-mail notification, carefully note the exact time, then tell the web hosting company that you want the complete mail logs (NOT just the errors or warnings) for the period 15 minutes either side of that exact time. Be sure you tell them the time zone you are quoting the time in, including whether or not you are in Daylight Saving or Summer Time.

    The key piece of info in the mail logs is whether or not you see an entry for the e-mail notification. If you do, then it is almost certainly a problem at “the receiving end”, i.e. – your mail server is rejecting e-mail from your web host’s mail server. If not, then it is either a WordPress issue or within your web host’s mail system.

    Looking further, if I were to take a wild guess, this might be an issue where your web host’s mail server has been labelled a spammer and is being rejected by whoever runs the mail server for your receiving e-mail address. To check that out, do what I said above, but don’t wait. At the same time, figure out a way to send yourself an e-mail from your web host, preferably from your web site (something within your host’s web site admin panel?), and see if you get it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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