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  • Had something weird happen… I set up a blog for a client back in 2010 under one email address (which received all notifications). At some point, we made a big change to it and I changed my email address to a new one (which I currently still use). So since the change, I have received all notifications to my current email address.

    Then I updated wordpress 2 days ago from a very old version… version 2 probably… and all of a sudden this morning I got an email notification of a comment trackback on both the old AND current/newer email address at the same time.

    When I logged in to investigate, I saw that the old address was set as the address for user “admin” but the address in the general settings was the new one. So maybe I never changed the user “admin” email address and just changed the general settings address?

    Is there a chance that the update defaulted “admin” back to the old email or did worpdress at some point stop sending me notifications altogether on that address (set as the email for the “admin” user) and with the update now it does send notifications to that email?

    Or did the updated wordpress just come with different default settings for notifications that is allowing it to now send to both the user “admin” address and the general settings address?

    In summary, why would I go 2 years not receiving any notifications to one address and then all of a sudden I do now? It seems that it should have something to do with the update I did but maybe not?

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