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    Hi @stuartripworks

    I see what you are getting at. The easiest way to disable such emails is by installing a dedicated plugin for the same. You will find some plugins that will help you achieve this over here:

    Additionally, you will be able to achieve this with the help of some custom code too, which can be added to your functions.php file or using a Code Snippets plugin.

    add_filter( 'auto_core_update_send_email', 'wp_stop_auto_update_emails', 10, 4 );
    function wp_stop_update_emails( $send, $type, $core_update, $result ) {
    if ( ! empty( $type ) && $type == 'success' ) {
    return false;
    return true;

    NOTE: Be very careful while adding any code to your site though. I would not recommend it if you are unfamiliar with adding code to your site, and would strongly recommend that you test this out in a local or staging site before you add it to your live site

    I hope this helps nonetheless!

    Thread Starter stuartripworks


    Hello, Hari,

    This helps greatly – we’ll test both options out.


    Moderator Hari Shanker R


    I’m glad to hear that this helps. I hope you are able to resolve this soon. All the very best!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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