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    Right now I have two stores set up in the same account for Sure Cart. When someone signs up for a subscription or purchases something, I get an email at my admin email. When the 2nd store purchases something, the notifications are also coming from the first store. Any ideas on how to change this so that even though the two accounts are on one Sure Cart account, each store should receive notifications from their own admin emails? Thanks!

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    Yea, let me check on this one. We do need to add this so that when you have one account with multiple businesses, that you can route the admin emails to the specific separate businesses.

    Let me check with the dev team on this and get back to you.

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    Thanks for your patience.

    So we will be adding team functionality which will solve this. But that doesn’t help for right now.

    We also have SureTriggers which is in closed beta, which would solve this now. It’s an automation platform that enables you to do some powerful things based on SureCart purchases. Well, it’s an automation platform for all sorts of things.

    If you contact us, I can get you in the closed beta now. You can email our help desk or contact me on Facebook if you like.

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    Hi Adam,

    Sorry for the late response. Just got back from vacation. I will email the help desk.


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