• so a user just created a ticket but I ( help desk ) did not receive an email.

    Where do I go to enter my email for notifications?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Contributor Nikhil G


    Hi there,

    Please verify below steps for troubleshooting the issue:

        You have entered From Name & From Email in email notification settings of the plugin.
        You have installed any SMTP plugin to send emails from website. Please note, if you have not installed SMTP plugin to send emails, mail() function does not guaranty you to deliver emails. There are many popular free SMTP plugins available on wordpress.org. We recommend Post SMTP Mailer plugin.
        Try sending test email in SMTP plugin to confirm emails are sending correctly.

        SupportCandy email notification recipients correctly set for all notifications.
        Also check if you have applied conditions in email notification and they are correct.

      If all above steps do not fix the issue, please create a ticket on our site.

    Thread Starter ipsofact


    I have SMTP correctly configured as I receive email on something else.

    My question is Where do I put my email so I get email notifications? is there a place where smpt needs to be configured within the plugin? I have it already configured and working but when I created a ticket I did not receive email.

    Thank you!

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