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  • Like the version 2.3, whenever someone comment on my blog, i will received notification on incoming comment. (not moderation).

    but in 2.5, i didnt received any comment whenever people comment my blog. why?

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  • nobody know the solution to my problem yet?



    This may be stupid but looking under Settings, is the checkbox for “Email me whenever Anyone posts a comment” ticked?

    Also…it may or may not be a WP problem. Some servers (like mine) don’t allow mails to be sent out unless your admin email is something that ends with your domain. Eg. If your domain is, only something like and not any yahoo, hotmail addresses. This is done to combat spam…or so I heard.

    yes all setting > discussin is tick/check but i still do not received any email. im using gmail anyway. it was ok with 2.3 wp.. but it suddenly stop with 2.5.

    +1 I have this problem also, has anyone solved it?

    i havent found any solution yet 🙁

    My blog was recently hacked and I disabled the comments. I would like to restore the comments, but I need help in setting it up so that the comments are moderated properly. Can anyone help me with this?

    Me too – box is ticked and I received emails until I switched to 2.5. Now no email.

    Same problem. Any solution?

    I have the same problem, only recently started using WordPress and this hasn’t worked from day one.

    It’s now fixed for me! Hooray!

    Last night I upgraded from 2.5 (where the problem first appeared) to 2.6.1 and email notification works again now.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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