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  • I used to get email notifications of comments posted on my blog. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, those emails stopped.

    Box is checked. Email is correct. (I haven’t changed anything.)

    Any solutions?

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  • Well they didn’t just arbitrarily stop. Have you installed/updated plugins or WordPress? If not, do you have access to your server’s error logs? Contact your host and ask if they’ve updated anything as well.

    Hi, have you installed any plugins before this started to occur? What plugin are you using for the e-mail notification if any? Can you run a test?

    No new plugins before this started. Updates, probably. But, nothing new.

    I’m not using any plugin for email notification. Just using what came with the theme (Twenty-Ten v1.4)

    I’m not familiar with any way to run a test.

    Does your web host have a limit on number of relays per day (emails) or is your inbox full/at capacity? If you did not change anything, it’s most likely a web host issue – have you contacted them?

    Definitely not a full mailbox issue. I get other emails through the website.

    it’s most likely a web host issue – have you contacted them?

    What did they say?

    Have not contacted host. Just doesn’t seem (to me – could be wrong) like an issue on their end. I’m getting my other emails through the website. Just not the comment notifications.

    I would still do so and ask them to look into it, almost all WP related email issues are host related. And, just because their email services are working for you does not mean they are working in this hosting environment for WP, clearly something is not working right and if you did not break it, it’s most likely an issue they can help test and troubleshoot.

    This has been an ongoing problem for years. There have been many such threads but no one has found a solution. It would be nice if someone from the WordPress team would look into it.

    I’ve had it happen on 2 of my client’s websites.

    I may know where the problem lies. My email was first used in General Settings. When changing the edress to a client’s, they never got notifications, one immediately and the other after a while.

    There is a plugin workaround but it’s very inconvenient as it notifies of spam comments too. The other solution was to install Intense Debate but that’s overkill for the client who had never blogged until now.

    @ wicked, please start your own thread. I run many sites and do not have such an issue. I do not believe at all that this is a WP issue.

    It could be a plugin or theme issue.

    @ Seacoast – there are so many threads on it already so i’d rather not add another.

    Look for ones that are resolved

    wickedmike is right. This is not a new issue. When I googled it, I found MANY threads that span the last couple of years. NONE of them revealed any solutions. If it was a host problem, I figure it would have been revealed in the multitude of threads over the years. But, that’s not the case. That’s why I started this new thread.

    Every deliverability problem I’ve had has been related to spam filters/firewalls/hosting environment, NOT WordPress itself, and has been solved by using Postmark.

    Just checked my host spam filters, etc… nothing there. I was hoping I’d find those missing messages in the spam box. Then it would be an easy fix. Unfortunately… that’s not it.

    Again… ALL other email through this website / blog is getting through. It’s ONLY the comment notifications that are simply not happening.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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