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  • I’ve been using WordPress for my blog for a few months now. I am the sole writer and have made NO recent changes. All was working fine until about 10 days ago and all email comment notifications just stopped. I hadn’t made any changes to my settings and it just quit working. Nothing is blocked on my email inboxes, but nothing from WordPress is coming through.

    I am also a co-author on another blog and all email notification stopped coming to me from that blog, as well.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Anybody? Please, any help or advice?

    Anyone have similar problem that was resolved???


    i have the same trouble at
    can’t comment




    thats NOT the same thing. and your a pita. sheesh.

    @ auroraohio
    We have all seen your multiple posts on this. Do not bump any posts.

    Did I do something wrong? Or, were you admonishing someone else?

    I have searched and read other threads via the search function on this topic. I have not commented on any of the other threads as they were months old. I have not found a method to fix this issue yet and would appreciate advice.

    I am in the process of contacting my blog hosting provider, to see if they are able to identify any problems or possible issues.

    Thank You,





    we were both railing @ auroraohio, youre fine, in my book.

    While I am here though, whats the significance of mentioning the other blog? Is that blog on the same host? Is that blog also WordPress? If so, Is that blog the same version of WordPress that you are using?

    Unless all those questions add up right, it almost sounds like something might be wrong on your end.

    I KNOW you have doublechecked this, but are you sure these e-mails arent going into a spam folder?

    There was a similar, rather long winded thread on here a while ago, by someone who swore he had users that were registering but not getting the post-registration e-mails. Once I had his blog url, I went, registered, and within 10 seconds saw the e-mail. In other words, it was a user problem.

    And when you say nothing is coming through, are you getting e-mails when someone new registers?

    Ok, the reason I mentioned the other blog was that I was wondering if perhaps it was a WordPress issue since it is also a WordPress blog.

    However, since that time, I have found the source of my problem. The support has been helping and found that for some reason SBCGlobal is blocking their emails from their hosting site. So, when WordPress sends email notification of a blog comment, that email sent by the hosting company is being blocked by SBCGlobal.

    This is also curious because the secondary blog that I mentioned is hosted by yet another hosting company, but their emails must be being blocked by SBCGlobal, as well.

    An email to SBCGlobal has been sent requesting explanation of the reason they are blocking emails from the hosting site and also requesting the issue be resolved by *unblocking* the emails.

    This was not an issue of my having inadvertently blocked emails, but rather my ISP blocking them for some reason from my hosting service.

    If you would like, I can let you know what SBCGlobal says when I hear back from them.

    Thank you for your assistance and have a good evening.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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