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  • Hello everyone!

    Here’s the primary infos:

    Running on the newest version of WP (3.1.1)
    Contact form 7 installed
    WP email SMTP plugin installed
    Comment notifier installed


    I have a problem I don’t receive any mail from WP, no comment notification, no user notification, no contact mail (even though contact form 7 tells me the mail was sent), nothing…

    I did:
    1 – change contact email address several times
    > NO improvement

    2 – upload “comment notifier” and “WP SMTP mail” plugin
    >NO improvement

    3 – create a “” mail address in my server, and changed again the settings in WP
    > NO improvement

    4 Tried to see where to have the info about the PHP function mail ()
    > Didn’t find out how nor what to do (I’m not a professional of cumputoring)

    5 – changed the htaccess file in the server to turn down PHP5 and set it back to PHP 4 as it was first according to my server default settings.
    > Broke the website (maybe the database?), nothing but the homepage works now.

    6 – changed again the htaccess file to return to PHP5 to try to repair the website
    > Nothing was repaired, still not working at all now…

    7 – I give up trying new things, the website is broken now!

    PLEASE HELP! I spent 2 days trying things, burning my brain reading the WP forums searching for the solution (but as a non professional there’s a lot of computer terms I don’t understand… plus I’m not 100% fluent in english, it doesn’t help…

    I’m totally despaired, and now the website is broken, I don’t know what to do! Everything is working in the WP admin though.

    I’m looking forward to your answer!

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  • To get your site back, try resetting your permalinks or setting them to the default ?p= format.

    thanks apljdi!

    hum… I went back to the website to do what you told me, but… now I can’t even connect to the WP admin, it says that the database cannot be reached… So I guess I really broke the database…

    So now, another question: Can I desable the database, create another one, and connect it to the website? Will it keep all my articles, settings and content?


    No, if you create a new database it won’t have all of your articles, etc.

    Do you have access to the database via phpMyAdmin or some other software provided by your host? I’d try repairing the database. Hopefully you have a not-too-old backup?

    It is also possible that the database server has crashed and didn’t restart. Unless you have fairly high permissions on the server you’ll have to ask your host’s support team about that.

    Yes, I can access my database through phpMyadmin, I have the codes.
    Would you help me on this?
    I don’t know if there’s backups, is there automatic backups or not? I never made one… I just finished the site yesterday, and I was trying to fix the last bug which was this email notification issue…

    Do you want me to email you the access codes, for you to see it? That would be very nice of you! 🙂

    Hooray! I tried something (but wasn’t sure to know what)… I went to see the phpMyadmin, just to search for the backup, to tell you about it…
    Then, while checking the “operation” setting, I saw that it proposed “repair the table”… SO I tried, I did it for every table.
    Check the website… The WP admin was back!
    So I did what you told me, the permalink setting… and it worked!
    So I have my website back, with everything working… except, as before, the email notification for contact form, new user, new comment… still not working.

    Do you know what should I do about it?

    thanks for your help about the permalinks!

    ok. That is progress.

    WP doesn’t necessarily need the SMTP plugin. I assume you installed it because you were not getting notifications?

    I’m really not very familiar with that plugin but the docs say that it depends upon PHP’s mail() function so you should make sure that is available. The easiest way is to check with your host’s support.

    thanks for your answer!
    Yes, I’ve sent a mail to my host, to ask if they enable this.

    Yes, i’ve tried the SMTP plugin as people in the forums here were telling that might help… it didn’t in my case!

    You can try my plugin and enable some debugging.

    Might give you some more info.

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