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Email Notification Doesn't Working

  • arifwicaksono


    hi everyone

    just install woocomerce for my online store website , here is the link http://please.wundt.me/wordpress (it’s still under construction, but u can access there)

    i got a problem that the email notification doesn’t working. anyone have same problem?

    please tell me what the min requirement to make the email working, such as the server must have a mail function , is that correct?

    sorry for my bad english.
    really appriciate your help.


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  • kimberwyn


    It doesnt work for me either. I have no idea what the problem is and it seems impossible to get any kind of support from the people behind woocommerce…



    I have the same issue, i think. From within woocommerce the ‘send invoice’ never gets sended. And not received by my clients. Don’t let me go back to paper invoices please …



    i thing we should change the question, is there any body here can make the email confirmation works?

    please we need help here. thanks

    Please help this is a huge issue and it really needs to be addressed. My customers are not getting email invoices when they complete an order. Additionally I am not getting notified when and order has been completed.

    The only way i will get the emails is if someone checks out using a coupon

    Hello evryone,

    Just to tell you that this is working for me.
    I switched the order status to “finished” (“terminé in French”), and then asked the invoice to be sent, it was..

    Having the same issue, changing the status to “Complete” doesn’t work.

    It’s says in their docs:

    Add an order using the ‘Add New’ link at the top of the orders page. Once added you can input the customer details, add line items, and calculate the totals. You should set a relevant status for the new order – if it needs to be paid use ‘pending’.

    After saving, you can use the ‘Email Invoice’ link to email the customer the order details and a payment link. Simple!


    But it doesn’t work. Anyone have a fix?

    Very frustrating. Same issue here!

    Same issue. The WP-Mail-SMTP extension solved the email issue for the admin notifications and the contact form but the Customer order emails are not going out still.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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