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  • In WP 2.2.2 I’ve noticed that the e-mail notification sent to me whenever someone leaves a comment has changed from my previous host. At my previous host, I’d get an e-mail, and the “From” field would show the commenter’s name as entered on the comments field. Now, however, it always shows my account name with my webhosting provider. As I’m a teacher and need to sort my students’ assignments with email filters, the “from” field is absolutely essential to the process.

    My host informs me that this is because WP sends mail via smtp servers and that I need to change the way email is sent through smtp to something having to do with “php sendmail” in one of the WP files. I don’t know which file that would be or how to edit the html coding for it other than using a text editor, searching for the lines and patching in the new ones. The thing is I have absolutely no idea how to write what that code ought to be.

    If, however, this is not the solution to the problem, I would appreciate any suggestions about the matter

    You lovers of WP, who take up any challenge, I’m asking for your help.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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