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  • Hello,

    I have a blog that is not emailing me when someone posts a new comment. These two discussion settings are checked:

    “Anyone posts a comment”
    “A comment is held for moderation”

    And the admin email address is set to my own. Does anyone have any idea why this isn’t working? Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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  • Could this problem be linked to the outgoing mail settings on my server?

    – Jack

    Were you able to get this fixed? I have the same problem.

    I too have this problem. I will continue to search the Internet for solutions.

    well crap. i am too. this is a big problem. and no one is helping?!

    It might be a problem with php-mail on the server side. Are your registration emails getting sent properly? If not, this may be the problem. Try installing and setting up the wp-mail-smtp plugin if you suspect this may be the problem.

    I am having this same problem with comments and also the wp-backup. Both are no longer sending emails. I am not sure if the problems are related but could be. My registration emails get sent fine. Thinking it might be my host they told me before everything was fine but I am going to call them again and get back to this discussion.

    Checked with my host, everything is working “fine”. I used wp-smtp to see if maybe it was php mail that was causing a problem. The test emails send find with smtp and php mail. Everything sends fine. But comments still do not send notification emails. Hmmm… Any one have any ideas?

    Played around with pluggable.php but still couldn’t get the comment mailer to work. I downloaded this plugin
    and the emails I specified in the plugin’s setting page received the notifications no problem. So I now get comment notifications, but using a plugin to do something that the core build is meant to do is not in my mind the optimal solution. If any one finds out a fix to this I would be extremely grateful. Thanks for listening.

    I apologize for wasting so much space on this thread. I just read more closely and found out that emails are only generated for the person who wrote the post that is receiving the comment. This explains why the multi comment plugin I linked to above works. Apparently wordpress will only send an email to the person who wrote the post and not the general admin email which I thought was supposed to happen. Hope this is clear and helps someone else.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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