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  • Is there any way to have email notification for each comment that is made on my blog? I used to have this feature with my movabletype blog, and oddly enough.. it is the only feature that I miss.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Do a search – I believe there are a number of such plugins

    Plugin? Why is it not just – Options, Discussion, Email me whenever: Anyone posts a comment?

    Well, podz I can’t believe you gave a wrong answer on this one… 😉
    CybernautM71 (what a name…) the answer is in your admin section : /wp-admin/options-discussion.php
    Filled under Options > Discussion

    Eh, I made the name ages ago.. Space = Astronaut.. so Cyberspace=Cybernaut, etc.
    Cyber will do, or even Michael (hence the M)

    I went into Options, then Discussion.. and it shows a check by “Email me when anyone posts a comment”.. but, I’m obviously not getting these emails. I have my admin email set.. is this the same one? Or is there somewhere else that I need to plug in an email for this “notification” email to be sent?

    I never realized which email it was using. I always thought it was the one in the General Options page, but I just changed that and it didn’t change, but it did change when I changed the email in my Profile.

    Ok, I had all of my profile field blank. I went back and entered info, including an email.. and still “nada”.. I post comments.. or ask people to post comments.. and I get no emails.

    It uses the e-mail of the author of the original post where the comment was made. So if your admin e-mail is, but then you post under and have e-mail notifications enabled, it will send it to author1

    can anyone explain how the email is sent out? Which smpt server does it use?

    as you can guess, this does not work for me. I never get emails when someone leaves a comment.

    But i would love for it to work

    I’ve been having this problem all along. But NONE of the email functionality works. I always thought this was because I was hosting it on my PC. But this is a real problem in WP 1.5 where user registration requires email notification of the password.

    Any fix for this yet?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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