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    Okay, so recently I stopped getting email notifications of all kinds from WordPress. I don’t even get my daily wp-db-backup plugin’s backup emails anymore. There are a number of things that I think could be causing the problem. Recently I changed my email on my admin profile, but I’m getting emails fine, just not from WordPress. I don’t think I’ve received any notifications since upgrading to 2.5.1. I’ve also recently upgraded my cForms plugin, but I don’t know if that could be related.

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  • Mind I ask a question?

    Does backing up database suffice for WP? Do you have other backing up schemes?

    I’m not 100% sure what you’re saying. I do know how to go into PHPMyAdmin and back up the database myself, if that’s what you’re asking. The plugin is just so I can get a daily backup.

    You know, I thought it could be because of the size of the backup emails sent, but that wouldn’t solve the comment notification problem.

    I know there are a zillion threads on this but I don’t exactly know the cause of the lack of emails, so I don’t know what to fix.

    Alright, I implemented this fix and things seem to be working now as far as the comment emails.

    I still can’t get Wp-DB-Backup emails.

    1. Your problem is most likely caused by your email server configuration. try to restore to the stage where it worked.

    2. This is actually a question for you: in order to restore posts and comments, I only have to back up WP database. Am I right?

    1. I figured it was something with the mail server because every email I missed in the past week has arrived now.

    2. Yes that’s true.

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