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  • Hi hoping for some help,
    I published a post on Monday and the plugin sent the email to my subscriber list no problem.
    Wednesday I published another post, but the plugin failed to send the email. It says the email was sent, but no one received it.
    I tried changing the email format (wp, php stuff) nothing changed.
    I tried sending test emails to a couple different email addresses with no luck either.
    I removed my post and re-published, but it still didn’t send. (I had a problem one other time with email not sending. Up-publishing and re-publishing worked that time.)
    My plugin, theme, and wordpress are all updated. The category I posted in is one I’ve used before.
    The only change from Monday to Wednesday is an increase in the number of subscribers.

    Any ideas?

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  • Hi –
    I’m having the same issue. I don’t know what happened, but it just stopped working. I did the same thing, sent it twice, but not working.

    Anyone have any ideas or help?


    Same problem. Today’s email and yesterday’s email show as sent in the report, but nobody received them. It happened once before a few weeks back. People eventually received the email several days later. Since then they have all sent, but usually received later than sent – anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours later.

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    Well, I deactivated and reactivated the plugin but still no luck. Email refuses to go out and I still can’t get a test email to work.

    I’ll try waiting another day to see if it eventually sends. But I’m sending another email today and can’t have them continue to not go out.

    I can’t think of anything else to try other than getting a new email subscriber plugin. I would prefer not to do that, hoping someone has a fix!

    I am having the same issue. It seems like a plug-in issue. It has been happening for 3 weeks. I am hoping that ES is going to fix this issue.

    Until then, I think I am going to have to send updates from my blogs email address? That seems the only way to get around it.

    If this doesn’t get fixed does anyone know of another plug-in that works similarly to ES?

    No one is noticing or responding to the posts, which is not good! I sent out the post yesterday via MailChimp, so my list would get it as it was time sensitive. I was told people liked getting it in their inbox rather than having to click the link and go somewhere else. So, maybe that’s a solution.

    I looked in the plug-in list for a similar solution, but I didn’t see anything comparable.

    They had an updated about two weeks ago. Maybe something happened before and during the update. Hopefully someone from ES responds soons so that we know how to move forward.

    I had a similar issue last night, I posted and never got a notification of it being sent or received, hopefully this is fixed soon.

    Hi all,

    Are you all facing this issue from 2 days or before? Please check this article once and let me know your views.


    Thanks for your response. I am on my list as a tester and I did not get the email, spam or anywhere else. And my friends have it set so they know my emails, so they don’t go to spam. It’s only 88 people, not a huge list.


    HI, Thanks for the reply, I have been having this issue for about 3-4 weeks at least now. I am on my email list, and usually receive the emails, but I do not anymore. I have checked my spam folder and it is not there either. And my subscribers have not gotten my emails either.

    I have not changed how I send my posts, so I do not believe this should be happening. I have been using ES for over a year now.

    Me too I have myself on my list for testing, no spam at all.

    October 5th is the first time I noticed it happening. I send out an email every day, and that email took 4 days to reach some people (including me).
    I have stopped sending my daily emails because nobody is getting them, even though the report shows what time they were sent. Three in a row were not received. I stopped sending them because I fear they will all eventually show up on the same day when this issue gets fixed.
    I contacted the icegram team through this link
    but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

    Sounds like this issue isn’t getting resolved in a timely manner. I’m surprised, their customer service is usually very good.

    I’m surprised too. You’re right – they have had excellent customer service. I suspect it is because there are other issues at the moment too that they are working on. There is still the issue of spam subscribers going on as well.

    I’m curious. Is anybody else using goDaddy to host their site? When I first wrote about this problem a month ago it was suggested that I contact my host. I did, but they said everything was fine on their side. The help article says, “Note: Email Subscribers prepares email content and sends it to your server. It is your server’s job to send that email successfully.” In the report it is showing that the emails have sent.
    It would be good to maybe rule out the host as the problem, so if somebody is using something other than goDaddy that would probably be a useful piece of information.
    I didn’t make any changes to the way I send my emails or add any plugins. It just stopped working properly.

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