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  • I am wondering, are there any plugins for WordPress that allow the user to stick posts into a separately templatable email newsletter and then send those out to an email list. I have done a bunch of searching on this, but have come up virtually empty-handed.

    If there are currently no plugins available:

    • are there any other good programs out there that already do this?
    • are there any plugins in development for this that I could contribute to?
    • or, is there anybody who is interested in collaborating on a plugin to do this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Joe Lencioni

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  • Good question. I was looking for the same thing this morning.

    I did find a New Subscription plugin developed by seriocomic, but have not tried it yet myself.


    Yes, I looked at that plugin and it seems as though it sends an email to the list every time something is posted to the blog.

    Unfortunately, that’s not quite what I need. Rather, I need a plugin that will allow the user to select a batch of postings and put them in whatever order he or she wishes, and then sends out a larger email in a newsletter format.

    I couldn’t find this type of a plugin out there, so I am wondering if anyone is already has started developing something like this. If not, is anyone interested in collaborating on the development of one?

    I just started using WP and was looking for the same thing. This would be invaluable for my clients. Seems their are blogging scripts, and there are newsletter scripts, but noone has created something to bring the two together. This would rock!

    I’m not a programmer but I’d be willing try and help.


    If your newsletter was of a regular format – ie, you send it once a week, and it consists (in part) of a week’s worth of posts stuck into a template – you could generate a page in your theme not for public consumption, as it were; and then all you need is a mailing script/database that, once a week, looks at the php page on the site (generated dynamically) and chucks its content in a mailing to your list.

    If you’re wanting to select posts… that could be do-able, too. Your front end pulls entries from the database with checkboxes; and whatever you select creates a new, temporary template. Then the mailing side of things sends the content of that file to your list. Three parts: the front-end, the templating set-up, and the mailing system itself.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to help with this project right now; I’d suggest that as a way of approaching it – thinking of it as a templating wizard with an email engine bolted on. Does that help at all?

    I’m no programmer, but I’d be happy to beta test or help however. This is the one plugin that would keep me from having to bump a project up to something like Joomla.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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