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    Love the plugin because it’s simple and lightweight, how would you suggest that I permanently get rid of “Check out this awesome post by xxxx” before the email link? I’ve found it in the plugin code and edited it to change it to “Check out this important article”, but when the plugin is updated, I’ll have to do it again.

    It’s also displaying a page author which is NOT visible on the site (nor should it be, as all posts are made by one person (me), who is usually not the author) so I’ve set that option to “off” – but again, this is in the plugin CODE and will have to be changed again when the plugin gets updated. I use this plugin on quite a few sites – this will get tedious fast.

    Any way you can add it to the options/settings? Or is there something I can put in Code Snippets (the plugin) to effect the changes permanently? It really isn’t very professional to be sounding like a Valley Girl circa 1985… 😉 And not everyone will clue into the fact that they can change the text in their own email before they send it, so better to have something acceptable from the get go.

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    Further note: Twitter link goes sideways if you have a custom excerpt with HTML and don’t remove it from the metabox. (code shows up on the rendered page – not the Twitter icon)

    Email leaves out the link if you have a custom excerpt in the metabox, with or without HTML. You can see this second issue on this page: – no linky-link in the email. The only way to get it there is to remove everything from the metabox.

    Plugin Author westcoastdigital


    First one, email text.

    You can rewrite that function in code snippets, you may need to deactivate the plugin, add the snippet, and then reactivate.

    It will see function exists and use yours

    function gp_social_email_body() {
    $email_body = __('Check out this important article', 'gp-social');
    $email_body .= $url;
    Plugin Author westcoastdigital


    Secondly Twitter

    If using html in the excerpt, I can make it strip out all the html, alternatively posts have a custom meta field to change the twitter content instead of using the excerpt

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    So I installed the code snippet – and now it leaves out everything in the email body. Plus it opens a small window in the browser when you click on the email icon (similar to what it does with Twitter or FB – but those are useable windows). It says “untitled” at the top, then a mailto: with the subject line – otherwise blank.

    Tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling – no difference. Still no email content. Try it at to see this behaviour.

    And – I had a look at another site where I haven’t made any modifications, and discovered the email function isn’t working there either; in that case it does put a short text excerpt (first line from the post) in the email body, but there is no link. And it, for whatever reason, doesn’t say “check out this awesome post” – it has no additional text (which is what I’d prefer to have!!), even though it’s in the PHP when I look. Both of these sites are using v. 2.2 – so it’s rather odd that they’re outputting different results, especially as I didn’t make any changes in the second site.

    On a third site, it creates the extra little window in the browser, adds the “awesome” bit (not as bad on a camp website…) adds the author name (not wanted at all – same as other site, it’s hidden on the posts) and adds the link in the email.


    On the second issue, given that the Twitter link doesn’t work if there is HTML inserted in Twitter meta field, then yes – it should strip out the HTML. There is no point in leaving it if it breaks it. And for those of us who use custom excerpts, it’s nice not to have yet another thing to remember to do.

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