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  1. datavyam
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am a web developer with over 100 sites.
    I am encountering some email issues with sending emails with some accounts. This occurs with Contact Form 7 as well as Graviry Forms.
    I try to send out emails with copies to a server-based email as well as cloud based ones (info@mydomain.com and myname$gmail.com, for example).
    I find that all emails are received, but not the domain-based ones.
    I have contacted Gravity Forms. They are pointing at wordpress, saying that ", Gravity Forms does not actually send the email notifications. That is 100% handled by your web server".
    I contacted the web-server. They say they do not support ant email plugins. I tried talking to the email server. They have washed their hands off the issue, saying "Ulnless you provide proof that the email has been sent by your server, we cannnot do anything".
    I notice that
    - the issue occurs with more than one host
    - more than one email server
    - more than one email client (CF-7 as well as Gravity Forms.
    Is there someone who can help?
    I appreciate your help.

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