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    I’ve recently installed Subscribe2 and cannot get the “from” email in the header working properly. I’ve called Bluehost twice, and they said that it is a plugin issue. It shows my bluehost username in the from field and the from address is It is an email setup with bluehost. I tried using my gmail address, and it still comes through with the bluehost info in the header. Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to correct it?


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  • The strange thing is that I have this setup on another domain, and it is working fine. I have even tried to use the same email from the working site, but it still comes through with the bluehost info in the header.


    Bluehost will want you to use an email address on-domain with your blog and also from a real emails address.

    So, if this new blog is then you need to create an email something like and then configure the blog and Subscribe2 to use that email address as the sender for the Subscribe2 emails.

    Thank you for your response. It is an email setup with bluehost for the domain that I am trying to get to work. Nothing I try works. Everything I have tried gives me the same bluehost information in the header. I am not having this issue with the other domain using Subscribe2 and Bluehost. This is why it makes no sense to me.


    That’s fine but are the email addresses specific for each site or are you trying to use the same email on both sites.

    I understand what you are saying. Yes, they are. The working site has an email address with the being that domain. And the non-working one also has an email that is an for that particular domain.


    And just to confirm that in the latter case, the email address actually exists with an accessible Inbox and there is a WordPress user in existence with that email address as the email address for that account. And that this account is selected as the Sender in the Subscribe2->Settings page.

    I just double checked to make sure it was working properly, and I can send to it and receive from it with no problems. It is an email that I created with Bluehost. It forwards to my gmail, but the one that is working properly on the other domain also forwards to the same gmail address. And yes, it is the one that I selected on the settings page for Subscribe2. I have been working on this for days and just cannot find the missing link here as to why it isn’t working properly. I just cannot see a reason why it wouldn’t be working.

    From everything I can see, this appears to be an issue with Bluehost with this particular email with this particular wordpress site. I am going to contact them again today and see if they can find the problem. Thank you for your help. Great support! I am impressed.


    This does seem to be a bluehost things but just to clarify to ensure by complete understanding, the email address for the 2 sites is a different address – right? It’s not the same address on the two sites?

    That is correct. Two different email addresses on two different websites. but both were created through bluehost. What I also noticed, though, was the fact that when I got a recent new comment notification, it also came with the bluehost info in the header. That helped me to at least eliminate the issue having anything at all to do with the plugin. It is something between bluehost and this particular wordpress installation.


    If the same is happening for Comment emails then it’s most definitely a hosting side issue. I hope you get it sorted with Bluehost.

    Actually, it seems to be a wordpress/website issue. I tried the email in question from the non-working site on the site without the issue. Subscribe2 sent it correctly even using the email from the other domain. This narrows it down to the website or possibly the theme. Thanks again for your help. 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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